We are in the midst of bridal show season and have had so much fun meeting all of the awesome brides to be! From Miss Virginia in Roanoke, to summer brides in Atlanta and winter brides in Utah, we have been enjoying showing you all that we have to offer! Clear Choice Photo Booth is nationwide, and we are attending many bridal shows all throughout the country. If you are getting married–or know someone who is–grab your friends, mothers, and fiancé if you can talk him into it, and come check us out at a bridal show nearest you!

We provide many things for the bride and her guests when they visit us at a bridal show. We like to give you as much as we can to make your decision easier when choosing whether to go with a photo booth rental or not, or deciding which photo booth rental company to use for the big day. Here is a list of the things a bride gets when they visit Clear Choice Photo Booth at a bridal show.

1. You get to try us out.
Not only is this the funnest part of visiting Clear Choice Photo Booth at a bridal show, but it is also the most important. You can ask as many questions as you want (we love answering questions, by the way!) but the true test will be how you feel about the experience when you use the booth. How does the attendant assist each session? How is the quality of the photos? How long does each session take? You will experience the answers to these questions—and more—first hand when you try us out.

2. You get discounts only offered at the show.
We have some amazing discounts and giveaways at the bridal shows we attend, which you can only get if you come to the show and meet us face-to-face. Don’t hesitate to come talk to us, because you’ll often find that after we ask a few questions we can give you specific information on the discounted price depending on your wedding date. Often times we’ll also hold some sort of giveaway, whether it’s a raffle or part of a bouquet toss or something equally fun!

3. You get to experience what your guests will experience.
When you attend a bridal show you are a guest, just as those who you have invited to your wedding. You are not stressing out about little details and it is not the biggest night of your life. You are just enjoying your time with friends or family or your fiance, browsing around and eating some food. So when you come across a photo booth, your mind can be focused on the fun and not making sure all of your guests are happy. What you experience in the photo booth at a bridal show is similar to what your own guests can experience at your wedding: undivided fun.

4. You get a keepsake to remember the bridal show.
You get a lot of goodies when you attend bridal shows: business cards, baggies, some food that disappears within a few seconds. But it’s not often that you’ll find something customizable, just for you; something different for each bride-to-be. For our bridal shows we provide everyone in the photo booth with a print of the photo strip, just as you would get with the Deluxe Package. So everyone can take home a memory of the bridal show they attended with you. But don’t worry, we have business cards for you too!

5. You get to reserve a booth for your event on the spot.
Often the discounts we provide at bridal shows are for a limited time only. This encourages you to book your event right there, at the show, to ensure that we will be available for your wedding day. You don’t need to have all of the details set, as we are very flexible with changes, and you don’t need to pay for the whole thing up front. We ask for a small deposit, you receive a large discount, and then you just have to pay the rest at least 30 days before the big day. You will be able to talk face-to-face to the attendant while they are booking your event, answering any questions you may have and recording as much detail as you provide.

6. You get to use our props.
Props can really liven up a photo booth session. We have so many unique props that you can only get from Clear Choice Photo Booth, and coming to our bridal show allows you to view them and try them out. You will see how much added fun props can bring to a photo booth rental. We have fun hats, glasses, masks, signs, props on a stick, and much more! Not everyone enjoys having their picture taken, but having props is a guaranteed way to make people feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

7. You get to show your fiance/family/friends how fun a photo booth can be.
Maybe you already have your heart set on a photo booth, but your fiance may not be totally sold yet. Well, if you were able to get him to go to the bridal show make sure you take him to the booth. We’ve got quite a few super hero masks, some fun signs and tons of mustaches in case he wants to see what he would look like with some hair under his nose. Snap some pics in the photo booth, give him his copy of the printed photo strip, and voila, you have successfully showed him how fun a photo booth would be for you and your guests.

8. You get one-on-one face-to-face time with the attendants.
Any questions you have, you can ask. Any doubts you have, you can tell us. Any details on the wedding you want to share, you can share with us. You get as much one-on-one time that you need for us to provide as much information as we can to make your decision easier. You might have what you believe to be a potential conflict, but we can let you know how we can work around certain things and how we are often up for a challenge! If you see us a bridal show and you have considered a photo booth rental for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to come by our booth and talk to us.

9. You get to explore what we offer.
We offer much more than we let on. Aside from the fun props and amazing printed photo strips, we also have available personalized scrapbooks, wedding favors, and so much more. When you visit us at a bridal show we often bring several of these items with us so that you can view them yourself. We love sharing our scrapbooks, full of photo strips and messages and well wishes from guests of past events. Also on display is our wedding favors that we can provide, as well as a book of our many photo strip designs.

10. You get to talk to us!
This is kind of mentioned earlier on the list, but we thought we’d repeat it so that it is really clear that we love talking to brides-to-be. Not only do we love answering your questions, sharing information and giving you discounts, but we love hearing details about your wedding, talking with your friends and family, and getting to know you. We have so much fun because of girls like you, we highly encourage you to visit us at our next bridal show!

We have many bridal shows coming up before wedding season starts off with a bang, we are looking forward to meeting all of the new brides-to-be. Have you seen Clear Choice Photo Booth at a bridal show? What was your favorite part of the event?